ARC Dissolution Plan

  1. Will/can someone take over the ARC organization? No, Assistance & Resource Center, Inc. (ARC) will be dissolved and cease to exist as a non-profit.  If there is interest in another group or individual persons assuming the work that ARC has done in the community, it will be up to them to form a new organization.
  2. Where will folks go for help? Other organizations in the communities will be places to look to- Operation Help in Hudson, Salvation Army, Our Neighbor’s Place, WestCap, United Way St. Croix Valley, Veteran’s Service Offices.
  3. Why is ARC dissolving? Assistance & Resource Center, Inc. (ARC) has served households in River Falls for 15 years and Ellsworth for 11 years, meeting the needs of thousands of folks who requested short term financial help for basic living expenses to get them through a stressful time.  Because ARC operates as a 100% volunteer organization, 98 cents of every dollar received was given out in direct assistance to clients.  Thanks to generous donors and funders, this amount of assistance, now stands at $1.2 million.  Supporting those in need in our communities has been a passion for every ARC volunteer.  After 15 years of working tirelessly to achieve ARC’s mission, those individuals involved will now be free to direct their energy to other pursuits, satisfied that for 15 years Assistance & Resource Center, Inc. was the go-to organization filling this critical need in the community.
  4. Can I still get help from ARC? ARC will operate as usual through the next several months, accepting requests for help through the telephone number, verifying those requests, and funding those approved in a timely manner.  Services will cease when the treasury is depleted, presumably sometime prior to the end of this fiscal year on December 31, 2024.
  5. Can I still donate to ARC? ARC will be able to accept donations to continue work through 2024 but is unable to solicit funding.

River Falls Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau Award 2022

In early 2022, Assistance & Resource Center, Inc. (ARC) was both humbled and thrilled to be recognized
by the River Falls Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau as the 2021 Non-Profit of the Year! ARC’s
mission for more than a decade has been to assist local households with the short-term financial means
to help pay for basic needs such as housing, transportation, and utilities. What great recognition for
ARC’s ongoing work in the community.


To provide short term financial assistance to residents of River Falls and Ellsworth to help them meet their basic needs.


We believe we are a community of neighbors who should care for one another in times of need.
We will care for our neighbors with dignity and respect, regardless of religion, race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, lifestyle, ability, or disability.
We act with compassion and serve our neighbors through emergency financial assistance and resource information.


Here For Our Community

Helping Since 2009

Providing shelter from a passing storm, we've been a part of your community since 2009.  We're sustainable, dependable and 100% volunteer powered.

Need in 2023

$174,000 was given to families and individuals to help them meet their basic needs.


Housing Assistance
Medical, Laundry, Other

Request Assistance

Phone hours: Monday - Friday,  10:00am - Noon


*After hours messages will be returned the next business day.